2014 Missouri Student Survey

2014 Safe and Drug Free Schools Missouri Student Survey


This student survey is conducted every other year to help assess student attitudes and behaviors regarding factors relating to fostering safe and drug-free learning environments.

The survey is part of an on-going national effort designed to produce locally meaningful trends and comparisons. The survey is anonymous.

Missouri Administration in 2014

The University of Missouri, Office of Social and Economic Database Analysis (OSEDA) and Missouri Institute of Mental Health are assisting the Missouri Department of Mental Health in collection and reporting of this year's survey.

The survey is web-based and will take students between 20-30 minutes on average to complete. The survey will be available to districts on-line from now through May 9, 2014.

The survey should be used to collect data from at least one classroom per grade (6th -12th grade) in each of your buildings. However, you are encouraged to have as many students as possible take the survey as this will increase the reliability of the data for your district.

Administering the Survey

  1. Register as a district contact. After registration, you should be automatically redirected to the next step.
  2. Sign into the contact page to download access codes for buildings in your district. Each building has a unique access code, which can be found in a text-only letter that can be downloaded by clicking the "Download" button. These access codes and/or letters need to be sent to the appropriate parties at each school building.
  3. Students should be directed to take the survey using their building's access code at the following location: http://apps.oseda.missouri.edu/MSS/

Additional Survey Information